Digital Sizzle Community Award countdown

Leaderboarded integrates with Twilio to power Community Voting for Sizzle 6 at Whitechapel gallery

Anton Halkouski, marketing manager at Leaderboarded: “Our software is good for achieving various goals, but what makes us proud is its ability to join powerful platforms that give our users freedom to experiment with data sources and customise their leaderboards both “mechanically” and visually”.

Digital Sizzle Community Award Leaderboard, photo by Anton Halkouski

The Digital Sizzle 6 organisers 3_beards knew that joining technology with creativity at the hackathon would require additional effort to allow high quality engagement between the visitors and teams at Whitechapel Gallery last week. The teams born at the hackathon did not have time to create custom twitter accounts as they were busy dealing with data and its creative interpretation. A Twilio integrated leaderboard worked as a perfect least effort taking solution to overcome these circumstances and retain a high level of engagement.

Photo by Paul Clarke

Joe Scarboro of 3 Beards said “3beards used the Leaderboarded software to decide the winner of the Community Award at the Digital Sizzle 6 gallery show at Whitechapel Gallery.  This was awarded to the team that got the most text votes on the night of the show.  The system was able to restrict the voting to one vote per phone number and the Leaderboard, which included the Digital Sizzle logo and background, was there for everyone to see and updated every 20 minutes.  We were very happy with the system and it created a great interactive element to the event.  Anton and the team did a good job getting it all set up in time and ready to go for the opening of the event.  Many thanks to Leaderboarded!”

The winning team Gaia gained 51 out of total 161 votes, narrowly beating the runner up Real Weather with 47 votes. An engagement rate of over 60% in voting, far higher than previous Leaderboards which used Twitter as the voting mechanic. Congratulations to everyone who took part and many many thanks to those who voted for the teams!

Leaderboarded founder, Toby Beresford, said “This was another great example of where Leaderboarded handed creative control of the increasingly essential, event leaderboard, to the people who know the event best – the organizers themselves.”

We were happy to provide leaderboarded software integrated with Twilio as a fast and flexible solution for effortless communications!