SXSE London

In the beginning of July 2012 a few local influential digital natives organised SXSE London and got their audience leaderboarded.

The organisers led by Ben Stockman used a 2 stage approach to the event digital marketing:

Phase 1 – Digital Marketing campaign

Players: general audience from the web, visitors of the event site.

Purpose: promote the event by offering a prize for the top player.

What was expected to happen: People visiting the site were offered to take part in the competition and tweet about the event using #SXSE hashtag, which then got picked up by the leaderboard embedded on their site.

What was achieved:  The event twitter account grew followers by 40% in just in a week after the leaderboard was launched, the winner on the leaderbord was given free tickets to the event and shared it across social media.

Phase 2 – Event leaderboard



SXSE London

On the day of the event they used a leaderboard with the original hash tag in order to . The number of participants grew from 20 to 90 in the first couple hours on the day of the event and a total of 356 tweets came out during the first half of the day.

Players: Event attendees

Purpose: accelerate engagement between participants and improve the outreach to increase the trendiness of the event on the day.

What was expected to happen: The venue allowed to show two leaderboards on plasma screens to the audience during the talks and an extra one on the projector screen. The attendees were suggested to use the hashtag and that automatically put them on the leaderboard. The players were ranked by their activity and by their Kred scores.

What was achieved: The attendees were excited to participate and generated 356 tweets with average Kred influence peaking at 654 and outreach score of 5.72 per player by the end of the event.

We asked Ben Stockman, who organised and hosted SXSELondon to tell us what he thought of the service why he used it.

Paul Emerton from Concept Television @concepttv was among the attendees at the event and was excited to tell us how fun it was to take part in the competition at the event.

We are looking forward to the next event!

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