Make sure everyone uses your event hashtag

You’ve created hashtag for your event but how do you ensure everyone uses it? Content arising from an event on twitter is scattered randomly, mostly unbranded and untrackable. A leaderboard is the solution.

An event leaderboard encourages all your delegates to tag their User Generated Content (UGC) that is produced during your event with your hashtag. This means you can track the success of your event and really engage your delegates with you, and with each other.

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For attendees

  • Encourages – event delegates to engage in branded social media conversations about your event.
  • Identifies – all digitally active attendees your delegates might like to connect with.
  • Displays – a conversation stream of your hash tag.
  • Engages – your delegates in a fun way digitally at the event.
  • Recognition – each attendee has a chance to see their name in lights.

For organizers:

  • Brand awareness – your event hashtag will trend! Gain the credit for great content generated.
  • Compliance – your attendees will use your event hashtag when they tweet or post photos to the web
  • Inclusive – Digital conversations during the event are available to all delegates.
  • Engaging – a fun way to get your audience engaged
  • Trackable – The ‘story of the event’ can be brought back together afterwards

Example customers

  • Katie Piatt used a Google Spreadsheet for a leaderboard to run a game at the “Future of Technology in Education” event
  • We leaderboarded the media barons on Twitter at a MediaTel advertising event
  • MTV Australia got their hashtag to trend worldwide by leaderboarding a room of bloggers at the Video and Music Awards

How the  event hashtag leaderboard works

You choose the Twitter hashtag for your event and add that as a data source to the leaderboard. Then when anyone tweets on that hashtag, their tweets, retweets and @mentions are automatically scored and added to the leaderboard. Every hour during the event, the leaderboard updates and players can see their movement on the leaderboard.


Take advantage of our live event leaderboard pricing – just $179.99 for a 3 day pass that includes:

  • 1 Twitter keyword high volume streaming data source
  • Up to 500 players
  • Hourly updates (or faster if you wish)
  • Logo branding
  • Option to blend in a social influence score
  • Animated event display theme – “playground” – customised for display monitors and projectors
  • Email support

We also offer a managed service at $899.99 per event which also includes:

  • Leaderboard fully configured for you
  • Telephone support during the day
  • Customization of your leaderboard look and feel
  • Special format versions eg. for big screen TV

To request a managed service then contact to let us know about your event.