Leaderboarded integrates to over 250 platforms to pull in scores via connectors.


A connector is a way of getting scores for your leaderboard from another platform. ┬áConnectors work either by ‘streaming’ (new scores are automatically added to the leaderboard as soon as they occur) or by ‘polling’ – we periodically check the platform to see if there are new scores.


Connector Name Metrics
alexa-100 Alexa Alexa Rank, Pageviews
leaderboarded-100 API User defined
blog-64 Blog comments Earned Comments
blog-64 Blog posts Posts
datasift-100 Datasift Tweets, Posts
facebook-64 Facebook Pages Likes, Posts, Talking About, Shares
googleplus-64 Google Plus Updates, Plus Ones
instagram-100 Instagram Followers, Following, Uploads
klout-100 Klout Klout score
linkedin-64 LinkedIn Connections Connections
linkedin-64 LinkedIn Updates Updates
linkedin-company-100 LinkedIn Company Pages Followers, Posts, Likes, Comments
kred-100 Kred Kred outreach score, Kred influence score
google-100 Google Spreadsheet User defined
leaderboarded-100 Manual Data Entry User defined
moz-100 Moz Moz Rank, Moz Backlinks
twitter-100 Twitter Followers Number of Followers, Number Following
twitter-100 Twitter Follower Check Is a follower
twitter-100 Twitter Hashtag Tweets, earned Retweets, earned @Mentions
twitter-100 Twitter Hashtag Streaming Tweets, earned Retweets, earned @Mentions, Followers
twitter-100 Twitter List Is on Twitter List
twitter-100 Tweet Tracker Tweets, Earned Retweets, Earned Mentions
slideshare-100 Slideshare Uploads, Views, Favorites, Comments
wufoo-100 Wufoo New players, User defined scores
yammer-64 Yammer Posts, Likes, Comments, Re-shares, CCs
youtube-64 Youtube Uploads, Views, Comments
zapier-100 Zapier User defined