The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are using Leaderboarded to track ‘Social Media Superstars’ within their team who are promoting their organisation on Twitter and through their own social media channels. The leaderboard updates regularly and is displayed both on the intranet and in the staff canteen.

This is a great example of an organisation using our Social Ambassadors Leaderboard solution.

Here’s what digital manager, Tyler Lepard had to say:

1. What are you hoping to achieve with Leaderboarded?

We are using it to encourage foundation staff to participate in our social media training (action cards).

2. What sort of Leaderboard did you create?

Not sure…? I named it Social Media Superstars and it attempts to measure social media activity/expertise. Ranking depends on what level of social media action cards people are on (everyone got level 1; once they request levels 2 or 3, I added them to the leaderboard), Klout score, and number of followers.

3. How did your team respond?

We got great responses – multiple people saw the leaderboard and asked how to participate. Those who were part of the initial group I started with expressed excitement about some healthy competition. Only one person complained about the competitive angle (compared to 30-40 positive responses).

4. What changes in behaviour (positive and negative) have you seen as a result of using Leaderboarded?

Participants have increased their social media activity and increased their skill level.

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