Demonstrate how gamification works with a simple leaderboard

The Leaderboarded tool is self service which means you can gamify your class or workshop.

For gamification experts, it’s often that you need to demonstrate the power of gamification with a simple mechanic. Whether that’s in a workshop setting or a live project, ¬†Leaderboarded lets you do just that. Create a leaderboard, fill it with players and points. The meaning and gamification design will be up to you.

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The most powerful game mechanic is a leaderboard. For players it brings:

  • Recognition
  • An incentive to improve
  • Social proof
  • A sense of belonging to a community
  • Simplicity

  • Multi variable – so the leaderboard is difficult to ‘game’
  • Relative ranking – so the leaderboard is fairer for all
  • Control the weighting – so it’s more about how you engage others rather than what you do yourself
  • Periodic release – so there is anticipation, an event and subsequent interest each time the leaderboard is published

  • Easy set up – no coding required
  • Demonstrable – prove your gamification idea to clients
  • Extendable – can grow to a fully scaled gamification solution
  • Frequent resets – so players who join early don’t get an unfair advantage over those who join late.

“In practice during one of its first applications at a Capgemini gamification GsummitX meetup, the competitive element brought in by leaderboarded certainly motivated the crowd, and a lively commentary on proceedings continued throughout the event.”
- The Urban Times

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