Social Influence Score

Customise your own social influence score

Thinking about using social influence scores in your business? Create your own to get more relevant prioritisation.


Arrange a call to understand how social influence scores will work for your business.


Social Influence scores like Klout and Kred are becoming increasingly useful to businesses wanting to prioritise their customers.

Cathay Pacific for example offers free entry to their business lounge at San Francisco airport for anyone with a Klout score over 40.

With a standard influence score each person gets a score between 1 and 100 based on a standard assessment of their social media ‘influence’. This is based on their activity on multiple social media channels and the response of their friends.

With a customised influence score the assessment is based on the priorities of the business creating the score. This means business data such as transactions can have equal importance with social media influence for example.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Activity – how often are players talking about you on social media like Twitter
  • Reciprocity – how often are followers liking, commenting on and resharing the content
  • Response – how  do they respond to your  messages (do they open the emails you send them? )
  • Transaction – how much and how often do they buy from you
  • Referral –  do they refer you to friends?

Players need to be engaged, that’s where perks come in.

  • Digital Downloads – Videos, wallpapers, mini-games, detailed guides, case studies, exclusive content eg. interviews
  • Experiential Rewards – Special events, money can’t buy activities, preferred access
  • Partner deals – discounts with partner companies
  • Status – heroing players – e.g. Player of the month, top player in California


Who’s doing it?

Check out what Clinical CURRENT did when they sought to get the most influential doctors to try out their new ‘doctor community’ by leaderboarding them. They saw new sign ups on their site from exactly the right people.


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