You want to motivate your users to stay longer, be more active and involved in your website.
Are you employing your site activity to achieve that?

What can give you a head start over your competitors is creating a Leaderboard of your site user activity. Embed it on your site for users to engage and promote you more.

With Leaderboarded you can:

1) Rank site visitors by the points you give them for specific tasks.
2) Blend in site social activity such as comments, likes, downloads etc.
3) Encourage sharing your site on social media by giving points to your users.
4) Embed on your site the Leaderboard that is customised to your brand/site layout.
5) New rankings calculated and released on schedule every hour, day, week or month.

How it works:

1) Define what activity you want to turn into points on the leaderboard, choose how you want to weight them.
2) Create a leaderboard to stream all that activity and rank the users according to your preference.
3) Update your leaderboard on daily/weekly or monthly basis.
4) Share with your users and see how fast your user activity skyrockets.

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For site owners

  • Users spend more time on the site
  • Users complete more tasks and/or transactions
  • You increase your social media presence by improving the rate your brand is shared on social media
  • Simplify running campaigns and rewarding winners

For site users

  • Turn active users into Superusers as they are recognised by peers for giving to community. This allows:
  • building closer relationships with you and key users.
  • building trust in your brand/product/service;
  • Site leaderboard becomes a central focal point for the community.
  • Users enjoy the competitive nature the leaderboard brings to the site activity.

Due to the higher number of players you will be expecting, setting up a leaderboard on your website is likely to require some of our Managed Services. Contact and let us know about your site specifics.